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White Moon necklace

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White moon necklace. Gold filled chain.

Size 2,5 cm, neck length 45 cm


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Are you looking for a jewel for celebrating an event or simply to complement your bohemian chic style every day? The unique creations of Carine and Stéphane are a perfect choice.

An exceptional piece of jewelry:

This beautiful white moon necklace goes far beyond being just an accessory! Each piece is a true work of art, the result of extensive research by the artist. Over time, Stéphane has perfected his craftsmanship, paying special attention to details and the creation of unique jewelry. The combination of high-quality crystal and the creative talent of Carine and Stéphane gives birth to pieces that are truly distinctive and recognizable. A jewel for mother’s day is exeptional.

A special feature:

What makes these jewelry pieces truly special is their uniqueness. Carine and Stéphane never create two strictly identical pieces. Each piece is a singular creation, guaranteeing its owners unmatched exclusivity. Every necklace, ring, and pair of earrings is a work of art in itself.

Indeed, Stéphane Dunoyer has become a reference in the world of glass jewelry due to his unwavering passion for art and craftsmanship.

The crystal:

Crystal is Stéphane Dunoyer’s preferred material, which he knows how to transform into extraordinary pieces. Stéphane’s crystal jewelry reflects the purity of the material and captures light in an enchanting way, creating a play of reflections that draw all eyes.

Therefore, investing in a crystal piece of jewelry from Stéphane Dunoyer means investing in timeless elegance, unparalleled quality, and endless creativity. Each piece is a celebration of the beauty of crystal and the woman who wears it.

Creator’s Note:

« I strive to create jewelry that captures the free-spirited essence of hippie chic style while remaining timeless and elegant. Each piece I create is an expression of my passion for art and the natural beauty of crystal. »


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